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Engine/Mechanical Service

Diagnostic testing and mechanical repairs like engine servicing, drive belts, cooling unit, power-steering, brakes and transmissions.

Auto Body Painting

Artistic & mechanical process of renewing a vehicle body paint like pre-treatment, primming and base coating.

Auto Electrical

Repairing and maintaining a vehicle’s headlights, dashboard warning lights and other electrical issues.

Auto Body Works

Focus on the exterior components of the vehicle consisting of fixing car frames, suspensions and dents.

Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Keen focus on aligning vehicle wheels, change tyres and overall tyre maintenance and repairs.

Vehicle Inspection

These includes vehicle violations reporting and recommending repairs. Usage of mechanical and electrical testing devices to examine the components for damage or incorrect settings.

Towing Vehicle

Pick damaged or broken vehicles from any location to a service station or personalised location. For repairs, even at emergency.

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