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Play fun games & Earn Flicky points

Answer questions correctly on Automobile, About Flickwheel and other general questions to gain points and earn rewards.

Game Streaks

Be on top of the leaderboard by playing questions placed on different ‘Streaks’. Complete each streak to win maximum points awarded to each streak.

Random Questions

Games are displayed periodically within the app, either daily, weekly or monthly. Questions remains available within a particular timeframe.

Engage More With These Features And Earn Points.

Curious Flicker

View content displayed on the homepage banner and interact with any activity required.

Win Gift cards from your favourite online and Physical store

Get rewarded with gift cards from your favourite online and physical stores by playing and earning points. Spoil yourself or loved ones with a shopping spree. Play now for a chance to win and good luck!

flickwheel gift card

Stay on top the leaderboard

Your points are ranked with other players, and winners are displayed accordingly. Be on top of the leaderboard among other players

Fund Repairs, Easy with Flickplay

Be the first to get updates on vehicles. Take advantage of the automobile space.