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What is Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-character sequence of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies a vehicle. The VIN gives a detailed report on the unique features, specifications, and manufacturer of a vehicle, and also tracks the usage record.

1 H G B H 4 2 H B N M 1 0 9 1 8 6

what is Vin

Why should I check
my VIN?

  • Theft Records

    Before buying a vehicle or vehicle parts, you can use your VIN to check for theft or stolen parts records.

  • Accident Records

    Get access to accidented report on a used vehicle. Save time & resources from fixing vehicle faults.

  • Specifications

    A vehicle specification represents the most important technical data of all the vehicle’s components.

  • Title Records

    Know about a vehicle’s history. This entails if the vehicle has been salvaged, re-titled or rebuilt.

  • Sales Records

    This shows when a vehicle entered the market, when and where it was resold in the ensuing years.

  • Junk/Insurance Records

    Find out if a vehicle has been termed junk or if Insurance has been paid.