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Vehicle Inspection

Perform regular checks on vehicle parts for repairs or replacement, to maintain a functioning vehicle and make it last longer.

Reasons Why Inspection Benefits Auto Repairs.

Reduced repair cost

Spend less to maintain your vehicle. Over time, cost adds up and still remains low.

Boost lifespan

Identify small problems that need to be reparied, before they become bigger issues.

Fewer breakdowns

Keep your vehicle running at an optimal level. Increase your vehicle reliability on the road.

Simple Process

Identity every details of your vehicle which includes the make and model, license plate number, year of manufacture, mileage and Vehicle Identification Number(VIN).

  • Verify Identity Details
  • Preliminary tasks
  • Physical inspection
  • Hidden Damages


Inspection Checklist


Test by running your vehicle at increased or decreased speed to identify any pulse.


Check if both front and rear bumper is attached securely, with no damages or breaks.


Cross check the horn, seat belts, emergency equipment, heat output from the front and rear defrosters.


Check for wheel alignment and balancing. Also make sure tires are in good condition.


Be able to start vehicle at ease and ensure all engine and electrical components works.


Check the level of power steering fluid and its belt. This ensures smooth movement of vehicle.


Ensure windshield, wipers and controls are in good condition to prevent all particles.


Test headlights, tail lights, brake lights, reversing lights, four-way lights, license plate lights & signals.

What’s next
after inspection?


Keep your vehicle running smoothly by performing frequent checks.


Replace or fix faulty vehicle parts and perform another checks afterwards.

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Auto technician

Checking vehicle parts before repairs to find the correct faults.

Auto workshop

Checking vehicle parts before repairs to find the correct faults.