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Engine/Mechanical Service

Perform regular checks on vehicle parts for repairs or replacement, to maintain a functioning vehicle.

Extensive range
of checks

In order to maintain your vehicle performance properly, there are various steps.

  • Oil and oil filter
  • Coolant and other fluid
  • Brake, steering and wheels
  • Shock absorbers
  • Auto electricals
  • Suspension and exhaust

Common engine

Signs that your vehicle is due for engine service, that cannot be overlooked.


When smoke and smell comes from the front of the vehicle, or when the dashboard points to ‘H’.


Unusual sounds that comes from the vehicle’s hood either when starting or while driving your vehicle.

Not starting

Among other reasons why your vehicle won’t start is the need for an engine service.

Drip liquid

Coloured liquid dripping from your vehicle ranging from various types that could feel differently.

Vehicle jerks

Irregular and unsteady vehicle movement while driving could lead to other vehicle faults.

Causes of
engine damage

Know how your engine develop issues. Learn and avoid them always.

Hydrolocked Vehicle

Getting water into your vehicle, may lead to the damage of internal components.

Low Engine Oil Levels

Low oil level or irregular oil change can cause the engine to overheat and seize.

Broken Timing Belts

This alters the movement of the vehicle camshaft and crankshaft, leading to engine breakdown.

Overheating Engine

With no cooling system during the running of a vehicle, it exposes the vehicle to intense heat.

Simple engine

Get Benefits
  • Long-lasting vehicle
  • Save money from repairs
  • No vehicle breakdown
  • Better vehicle, Safer trips
Engine oil

Remove old oil from engine and replace with fresh recommended oil, at least twice a year.

Coolant level

Check coolant level and distilled water regularly, and top up when below the guide marks.


Clean dirts and replace old air and fuel filters as much as you drive your vehicle.

Spark plug

Clean spark plugs regularly to remove dirts and replace when gap extends specifications.


Regularly check the engine in components to avoid faults spreading to other components.

Fuel tank

Re-fill fuel tank regularly and stop running on low level. Avoid using contaminated / black fuel.

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Auto mechanic

Repairing and maintaining a vehicle’s engine and its components.

Auto workshop

Repairing and maintaining a vehicle’s engine and its components.