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Oct 26, 2022

Where to get a car repair loan in Lagos that fit into your pocket size

As inflation continues to deplete the value of household and individual incomes, it has become glaringly important that Nigerians would need to buckle up in the...


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Picture this: You successfully saved up money to fix your car's engine that has been giving you issues for 2 months. Getting to Kamaru's workshop, he tells you that the N300,000 you saved up is no longer enough for you to get a brand new engine all thanks to the hike in the spare parts market. You ask for the new price and he tells you that you now have to add an extra N150,000.......

Let me guess, you are not a stranger to the ever-growing inflation rate in Nigeria, right?

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) data states that Nigeria’s annual inflation rate climbed to 15.92% in March of 2022, from 15.70% in the prior month, the fastest rise in consumer prices since last October.

As inflation continues to deplete the value of household and individual incomes, it has become glaringly important that Nigerians would need to buckle up in the coming months and spend on only the necessities.

Here's something reassuring you might not have known; With Flickwheel, you can spend your money on your necessities like house rent, feeding, school fees, clothing, and other important issues whilst we handle your car repairs, or can you go hungry for 3 days just because you gave up all your savings to fix your beloved car, how I wish we can eat the car body part, see jare Stomach is importanter

Talk about being life-savers!

Fickwheel is a digital platform that helps car owners fix and maintain their cars with no instant pay.

At Flickwheel, we believe that fixing and maintaining your car on a regular basis should not be a problem which is why we have built a mobile app that can help you get access to automobile funds whenever you need them.

You can download the Flickwheel app today directly on your android and iOS phones.

6 reasons why Flickwheel is important to you as a car owner in 2022

  1. We have built a business model that stands in the gap for you (especially with the current inflation rate in Nigeria) whenever you need instant access to funds for your car fixes/maintenance. No money at hand? We will fix your car for you.
  2. As a Flickwheel user, you can enjoy interest rates that go as low as 5%! We understand that living in Nigeria is not exactly a bed of roses for the average Nigerian so we offer really low-interest rates to all of our customers. Read more about our interest rates here.
  3. You have the freedom of spreading your payment plan for as long as 2 months, 4 months, and even 6 months. I wasn't joking when I mentioned that we are lifesavers for car owners in Nigeria.
  4. The Nigerian automobile ecosystem has seen some quack and inexperienced auto service providers in the last few years. At Flickwheel, we have taken out time to properly vet and onboard over 100 auto stations with professional mechanics in different LGAs across Lagos state so you can be assured of getting expert service and advice when you use our technicians. In cases where you have your own trusted technician, Flickwheel still carries out an independent inspection to ensure that they meet our standards.
  5. Business owners and salary owners can sometimes be tied up in the day-to-day running of their businesses so we have created a position in our company called the FlickyFriend. This individual's main job is to ensure you have a smooth and satisfactory auto service process. They are in charge of making market runs with your mechanic when the need arises, keeping a close eye on your car repairs, and handling all funds required during your auto service process.
  6. You can stay on top of everything that is going on with your vehicle fixes with an in-app feature called the Service Tracker. All you need to do is log into the app and see the most recent update on your car fix.

Thinking this is too good an opportunity to pass by? Get the Flickwheel app on your phone today and enjoy it while we take care of your car fixes and maintenance.

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