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Viral report of CNG mass transit buses: PCNGi debunks refurbishing these buses

In a statement issued by the media office of the Zacch Adedeji-led Committee, it was emphasized that the report is false and has no connection to the proposed i...


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 PCNGi, also known as the Presidential Compressed Natural Gas Initiative, has discredited a viral report circulating on online media platforms. The report alleges that diesel buses shown in some videos, which were being refurbished or repainted, were part of the PCNG Initiative.

 In a statement issued by the media office of the Zacch Adedeji-led Committee, it was emphasized that the report is false and has no connection to the proposed initiative.

 The statement read in part: “We note with utter dismay the false narrative being peddled by Sahara Reporters and some social media platforms alleging that some diesel buses being refurbished or repainted in videos obtained by questionable sources and posted by them were part of the PCNG initiative.

“We wish to inform the Nigerian public that the report is FALSE in its entirety and the alleged buses cited in the fake news are not part of the proposed initiative.

“It is disappointing that the well-intentioned program of the President to bring succor to the Nigerian public by enabling the deployment of alternatively fueled vehicles, that is cheaper and cleaner, including buses and tricycles for mass transportation via the Presidential CNG Initiative, PCNGi is continually being attacked with false reports aimed at misleading the people.

“Indeed, the Presidential CNG Initiative is being seeded with 100 billion naira under the palliative program, and designed to catalyze an Auto-gas and EV revolution in the mass transit and transportation sector.

“The plan includes leveraging over 11,500 CNG and electric fueled vehicles, as well as the deployment of 55,000 conversion kits to ultimately reduce the cost of transportation for Nigerians and alleviate rising cost of living.”

The committee reaffirmed its commitment to delivering on the President's vision without any distractions. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Zacch Adedeji, Chairman of the FIRS and head of the steering committee, the PCNGi is focused on achieving its objectives.

 “We are delighted to reassure Nigerians that the program is on course to deliver on these objectives going by the milestones achieved by the PCNGi in the last few weeks which, they said include strategic technical partnerships and the ongoing commissioning of several CNG Conversion centers in key States across the country including: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Ogun, and Rivers, with many others to follow in the next few weeks.

“In addition, the initiative is primed to stimulate investments and job creation into related sectors such as gas delivery via pipelines and virtual pipelines, regasification facilities in all 6 zones of the country and using LNG to transport gas to every nook and cranny of the country so that no part of the country is left out. We hereby urge Nigerians to be patient.

“The buses, tricycles and converter kits are on their way. A considerable quantity of these will also ultimately be assembled in Nigeria in furtherance of the localization and industrialization policy of the administration.

“The imperative of this strategic and necessary energy transition is further driven by the personal commitments of Mr. President during the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference is clear given Nigeria’s dominance as host of Africa’s largest gas reserves and also the number two gas flaring country in the world.

“The President is determined to turn this resource to a blessing for ordinary Nigerians by underwriting a more prosperous future with this investment. Certainly, no disinformation will stand in the way of this laudable intent and execution now ongoing.”

They subsequently called upon the online media outlets that initially propagated the false information, as well as their kindred spirits, to ensure the accuracy of their reporting.

 “No doubt, government agencies with existing bus fleet do conduct periodic maintenance and refurbishment of their platforms as a matter of routine necessity.

“The fourth estate should be partners in progress not captains of disinformation. We commend other responsible media bodies who have reached out to us for clarification and we recommit ourselves to complete transparency and partnership on this revolutionary public-good initiative.

“CNG is cheaper, cleaner, and safer. Together, we can deliver a more reliable CNG future,” the committee stated.

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