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May 15, 2023

Gamification of the Flickwheel app: Flickplay

Compared to other forms of increasing engagement in a community, Flickplay provides a much better and more interactive way to foster genuine bonds, social conne...


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Did you know that implementing gamification in business can lead to increased engagement? According to a survey by the Gamification Research Network, about 70% of companies that have adopted gamification have reported higher levels of engagement.

In a study of a financial education game, it was found that participants increased their financial knowledge by 20% after playing the game.

At Flickwheel, we wanted to explore how we could improve our users' auto knowledge, create a sense of community, and reward them for interacting with our features.

This gave birth to Flickplay; an innovative feature that combines exciting games, interactive features, and rewards!

Why Flickplay is unique

What makes Flickplay stand out is our technology-first approach. We leverage cutting-edge automobile and financial technology to provide a premium auto care experience that's shaping the future of the automotive industry globally. Our goal is not just to arm our users with the right auto knowledge but also to create an engaging community of like-minded individuals and help them understand why we do what we do at Flickwheel in a fun and interactive way.

With Flickplay, you can enjoy playing games, interacting with features on our app, and earning rewards, all while improving your auto knowledge.

This newest feature is designed to provide an engaging experience that goes beyond just learning about cars. It's about building a community and connecting with people who share your passion for automobiles. Join us today and experience the future of auto care with Flickplay!

How does Flickplay work?

Flickplay offers a variety of challenges (organized by our product features) and automobile and Flickwheel games. These challenges are designed to be engaging and fun and are divided into different levels, with the exception of VIN Boss, Flicky Fan, and Official Flicker.

Each challenge has its own set of levels, and in order to progress from one level to the next, you must earn a specific number of points.

Flickplay Challenges

Flickplay offers challenges organized by our product features in our mobile app that our users can complete to earn points. The challenges are divided into six categories, as described below.

🤑Auto Repair Credit (Credit Boss)

Credit Boss is a challenge that allows users to take out auto repair credit and earn points.

For every auto repair credit taken, users can earn 20 points. Credit Boss consists of 150 points in total, with 100 standard points and 50 extra points. To earn 100 points, users must take out five loans (20 points = 1 loan). Users can also earn 10 extra points for repaying their loan before the due date (10 points = 1 loan).

Credit Boss also contains five levels, with each level having a total of 20 points to be obtained.

đźš—Service Tracker (Track Boss)

Service Tracker is an in-app feature that provides users with real-time updates on their auto service progress.

Track Boss consists of 100 points in total. Every time users view an update on their service tracker, they earn 2 points. Track Boss is divided into five levels, each containing 20 points.

Users must check their car service update ten times to move to the next level.

đź“ŠVin Checker (VIN Boss)

VIN Checker is an in-app feature that allows users to get a detailed VIN report of their vehicle using their VIN (chassis number).

For every VIN report purchased, users earn 10 points. VIN Boss consists of 60 points in total, to earn up to 50 points, users must purchase a VIN report five times.

🙋‍♂️Homepage Banner (Curious Flicker)

Our homepage banner is an in-app feature that displays the latest happenings and updates about Flickwheel to users. For every content a user consumes on the homepage banner within 30 minutes after it is updated, users earn 5 points.

Curious Flicker consists of 250 points in total. Curious Flicker is divided into five levels, with each level allocating 50 points.

đź’ĄOnboarding Process (Official Flicker)

Official Flicker is a Flickplay challenge covering the entire signup process and adding vehicle(s) to your Flickwheel account.

Users earn 25 points in total, with 10 points earned after completing the signup process and 15 points earned after adding a vehicle.

Official Flicker is a one-off point earning challenge with no levels.

🤩Customer Reviews (Flicky Fan)

Flicky Fan rewards users for leaving reviews on the app. Users can earn a total of 15 points by leaving a text review (5 points) and sharing a video testimonial (10 points). Flicky Fan is a one-off point earning challenge with no levels.

Now that we've covered everything about the Flickplay challenges, let's move over to the FlickPlay games.

Flick Play Games

In addition to the challenges mentioned above, Flickplay also offers two categories of games that users can play to earn points. We offer resources like blog posts, podcasts, videos, and pictures to help you prepare for each game level.

Each level has a total of 10 questions, with 2 points awarded for each correct answer, and you can earn a total of 20 points for answering all questions correctly in each game streak.

Plus, there's no limit to the number of levels you can play, so you can keep challenging yourself and earning points as you progress. And remember, you have two lives for each game streak - if you lose both lives, the game ends, and you move on to the next level.

The games are described below:


Autoguru is the perfect game for car enthusiasts to showcase their knowledge and earn rewards. With exciting games that cover a range of automobile topics, each level provides a unique challenge to test your skills. And with unlimited levels and the opportunity to earn points for completing game streaks, there's always a new challenge waiting for you.


Do you know everything about our company? Play Flickguru games to find out! With Flickguru, you can play games based on our company and earn rewards! Test your knowledge of our products, services, and culture with fun and interactive games.

Flick Play Rewards

Your Flickplay points can be converted into rewards. You can earn a maximum of 1000 convertible points and a minimum of 125 convertible points in Flickplay. These points could be converted into the following;

- Gift cards from your favorite Supermarkets

- Gift cards from online stores

- Others; including Cinema gift cards

The least convertible point is 125, which is equivalent to 500 NGN.

When you convert "all" your points to a reward at any time, the point returns to zero.

In Conclusion

Compared to other forms of increasing engagement in a community, Flickplay provides a much better and more interactive way to foster genuine bonds, social connection, and growth in our ever-growing community.

We are also committed to helping improve the roadworthiness of vehicles, and what better way to do this than ensuring we go the extra mile in educating our users through our different channels; Social media, Blog posts, emails, and now, Flickplay!

Imagine how informed you would be after playing various automobile-related games from our Autoguru streaks.

Flickplay is the easiest way to make tasks and activities more enjoyable and engaging. So, are you ready to earn rewards by doing what you love on our app? Then update your app and log in to get started.

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