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Jul 28, 2023

How a Part-Time Lecturer Revived His Car for Uber Business with Flickwheel's Support

Within 72 hours, his car repair loan application was approved, and the funds were disbursed directly to the auto technician's account, allowing him to proceed w...


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Meet Mr. Jerry, a part-time lecturer and finance expert who also utilizes his car for e-hailing services as an additional source of income.

The Challenge:

Mr. Jerry's car developed a major fault, and he attempted to fix it on his own. However, despite spending a considerable amount of his personal money on car repairs, he found himself stranded and deeply frustrated with no successful results.

Enter Flickwheel:

One day, while browsing Facebook, Jerry came across an advertisement for Flickwheel. At first, he was skeptical about the brand, as he had learned not to trust everything he saw on social media.

In his words, he said, "Maybe it's these usual guys on social media asking you to pay N50, and the next thing, your application is rejected".

Nevertheless, when his attempts to fix the car independently failed, he decided to give Flickwheel a chance. He downloaded the Flickwheel app from the Playstore, and with some hesitation, proceeded to fill in his details.

Application and Loan Approval:

Jerry admitted that he half-expected the application process to go through or for hidden fees to be involved. However, to his surprise, the application process was straightforward. It required basic information about his car's repair estimate and his identity. Within just 72 hours, his car repair loan application was approved, and the funds were disbursed directly to the auto technician's account, allowing him to proceed with the necessary repairs without any delays.

He was given financial assistance to change the engine ring, oil filter, Shocks, Hubs, wheel arm bushing, linkages, Engine seat, Valve, Gasket, and Cylinder head of his 2006 Toyota Corolla.

Impressed by the Experience:

Jerry couldn't help but praise his experience with Flickwheel. He described it as "amazing and proactive," attributing the smooth process to the excellent customer service he received. From the helpful FlickyFriend to the efficient auto technicians and swift loan disbursement, Jerry found the entire journey with Flickwheel impressive.

"In fact, every unit from the customer service to the FlickyFriend to the auto technician to the loan disbursement, everything was amazing"

-Mr. Jerry.

car fixes for Mr. Jerry

The Second Opportunity:

Thanks to Flickwheel's timely financial assistance, Jerry's car was back on the road within days. This prompt support enabled him to avoid further inconveniences, allowing him to continue his daily commute to work and maintain his e-hailing side hustle. Following his initial fix, Jerry utilized Flickwheel four months again after his initial fix, this time for a full engine replacement in his Toyota Corolla. Flickwheel granted him an auto service loan covering the complete purchase, installation, and workmanship of a brand-new engine.

Throughout his journey with Flickwheel, Jerry found a reliable partner to manage his car-related expenses, ensuring that he could focus on his other life commitments without worry. Flickwheel not only repaired Jerry's car but also restored his belief in the power of innovative solutions and exceptional customer service.

Are you looking for a reliable partner to get your car back on the road? Look no further than Flickwheel today. To get started, download the Flickwheel app from your Playstore or App store.

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