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The Flickers

Oct 26, 2022

Attitude Is Everything

Being the lead front-end engineer, all I was anticipating was to just allocate time for about 5-8 interview sessions, and Gboah! I was hit almost 30 interview s...


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We needed to get a junior front end developer to join the Flickwheel team, we put out a poster… and in no time we were swamped with CVs

Being the lead front-end engineer, all I was anticipating was to just allocate time for about 5-8 interview sessions, and Gboah! I was hit almost 30 interview sessions 😳

I had to go check the flyer again to see if we were interviewing for other roles besides JFE In one word, I was swamped.

It gets tougher when you’re looking for a junior role because you can be rest assured almost all the CVs have almost the same level of experience, dev stack etc…

Entering into these sessions, I learned something very valid that I thought I should share!

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING, especially when you’re interviewing for a role that doesn’t require much experience - internship positions & junior roles…

One of the factors that struck home for me during the interview process was the attitude of the attendees.

It was a major factor that contributed to the reason the company went with the personnel we chose!

Attitude goes a long way to determine if the attendee is a great fit for the company, it helps with team synergy and culture absorbing, which is one thing most forward-thinking companies look forward to…

Great companies know that the success of the company is not in the talent of the individual staff, but in the overall team strength which is facilitated hugely by team bond and team synergy!For a junior role, the interviewer is mainly not interested in your experience nor is he interested in your wealth of skills.

Rather than bragging about your experience and skills (which is fine by the way), talk about your developmental progress and how efficient you learn and grow in that space - checks the box: Easy to train

Talk about how you’ve collaborated on some projects, no matter how small - checks the box: Team player

Right from the very first interview, I personally knew those I could work with and would be a good fit for the company in terms of goals and culture.

It’s over a month since we finished the interview session, and in just one month, the employed staff has so grown to become a part of the company in such a way you would think she has been in the company for over 6months.

She has delivered on her first main project with ease, learned new stacks, and is doing fine with it.

I know it’s still pretty early, but I’m optimistic for her development and it’s endearing to know that we didn’t make a mistake.

Let’s discuss: What is the one thing you look out for if you were given the opportunity to interview new recruits at your workplace?

Thanks for reading this far! 🤓

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