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Mould Negative Feedbacks into Design Rocks

You toiled all night and worked all day, and it seems like a fantastic design; you feel the whole nudge to present it to your team. Then you get outlying negati...


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Listening to the golden voices of users remains an inevitable act that is vital for the growth of a product. With no feedback channel, users feel less connected, interacts less and experience less of a product to see its value.

Feedback from users usually comes in two forms: positive or negative. While positive feedback shows the path of reinforcement in problem-solving, negative feedback creates effective routes in solving that problem. Thou negative feedback may sound displeasing; it remains a gift from users; they share their unsatisfied experience rather than uninstalling that product.

Design in its unique way plays an essential part in providing solutions to users. There is a need to check if this Design meets users' expectations and solves their problems by the easiest and most effective means.

Negative feedback inspires Design to prioritize product features at a level of users' needs, ideating to the next iteration phase, and constantly placing the product at an edge in the market.

So rather than being defensive in negative feedback, you should be asking for more because your findings will yield a better design.

For you will be generating a Design-based on facts and not assumptions .Now with baby steps, turn that negative feedback into positive feedback. And when that happens, path yourself in the back and let's cheers to your wins.

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