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Car Talk

Apr 20, 2023

Is my alternator bad? or Is it my battery?

Your car not starting or not responding to your request could be due to a variety of factors. We’ll take a look at a few together. Please take this into view., ...


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I can’t get it all together, waking up, getting ready to start my day with a lot of things to accomplish, and then discovering that all of my plans are in my head and not in my legs? So aggravating. I understand your suffering; walk with me through the reason why your legs aren’t working, which is essentially your car.

Your car not starting or not responding to your request could be due to a variety of factors. We’ll take a look at a few together. Please take this into view., “You determine your day and not the circumstances around you”.

Some of the reasons why you can’t start your car and how to fix them.

  • Alternator
  • Battery
  • kick starter
  • Fuel pump/filter
  • Brainbox
  • Wet plug
  • Wiring
  • No Gas
  • Packed for a while and many more.


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It keeps the car battery charged, which determines if a car will turn on or off.

Some of the signs to detect problems with the alternator

  • Battery Warning light on dash: Remember that your car communicates with you, so develop a father-son relationship with it to be able to recognize problems and supply timely solutions.
  • Whining Noise: It starts making strange noises; if you take the time to learn about your car, you’ll be able to spot the change in sound.


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This is a regular problem with a car not starting, and it usually occurs when something is left on, such as the radio, or the lights. This happened to me when I forgot to turn off the radio from Friday night to Sunday morning, causing the battery to discharge. Was it my car, or my sister’s? I was so naive at the time that I didn’t know or forgot how to turn off the radio, That was the most humiliating experience of my life; I felt so stupid, but as you can see, I learned from my mistakes. Where can I find my battery? I have no idea where that is, but I’ve got you covered (message me and we’ll go look for it together, lols) to answer that, the location of the battery is determined by the model of the car; based on research, BMW batteries are located at the back/boot of the car 😳, whereas most cars have them in the front.

What can I do to address this problem? Simply jump-start the battery, and there you go our leggy wagon is back on its stand.

Fuel Filter

Fuel cannot enter the engine if the fuel filter is blocked or clogged. And you know what happens if the blood doesn’t flow to the heart? It’s a tale for the gods. If this was the problem, a new fuel filter will be required to replace the old one.


Where can I find the brain of my car? This varies per car; some are behind the instrument panel, while others are near the car firewall, and some are near the CCS (climate control system), which allows you to better manage the temperature in your vehicle’s cabin in any conditions. The car won’t move an inch because of the broken brainbox. When the human brain goes down, all of the other dependent systems go down with it.

How do I know it’s the brainbox? I’ve tested my alternator, which is OK, my battery, which is fine, the fuel pump or filter, which is fine, and all of the wiring or connections, which are fine😒. So, why isn’t the car moving? Mr brainbox should come to mind, and if standing up is difficult, let’s see what the body is eating?? Don’t be alarmed; the brainbox can be fixed. When you call your auto technician, we, the great intermediate, come to your rescue. We’re only a phone call away.

Advice to save you from OMG situations 🤯

  • Always check your car on a regular basis: What are the necessary things to check in your car before stepping on it. * Water gauge: Always check and add water to the radiator. * Gas level: omo, where are you going without gas, it is like life without data. Don’t you dare try it 😏. * Oil level: top if less to avoid the knock out of the engine, Note do the checking of the oil only when the engine isn’t hot, do not tell me I didn’t inform you. * Tires: check your tire gauge to avoid flat tires or accidents of any sort. * Connection on the battery: Always check your battery connection, and key in any loose end if not please get ready to carry out push-over work. I wish you a successful push and pull exercise.
  • Listen to your car sounds: Take note of the sounds your car makes, if not one faithful day you might leg the rest home.
  • Warm the car for like some minutes before you kick-off.
  • Take note of the sensory messages.
  • Have a spare tire: this is important, or to put it another way, "importanter”, carry it everywhere you go just like MTN.

You might be wondering how I got to know all these, well I did my assignment just for you and I had meetings with a couple of people to get different sides of their stories based on different cars with their uniqueness. For daily digest and more updates on how to keep you less frustrated don’t forget to follow us on our social media pages, we are a click away at “” and thanks to our able customers.

Always know your support is our strength.

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