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May 14, 2023

Flickiverse: What to expect from Flickwheel in 2023

Our app no longer looks like it used to be - not to worry, we made sure we retained all the good parts you loved and improved upon all the complaints and could-...


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Our goal in the next couple of months is to release different product offerings that cut across various spectrums of the automobile space.

As we have always said, our goal is and remains to improve the roadworthiness of cars on roads.We started out offering soft loans to our users to help them with their car servicing and repairs. This we have done and are still doing quite diligently.

Improving on this, we are pushing out a host of other modules to support our vision & goal:


A service and repair option where you get to enjoy all that comes with Flickwheel - flickyfriend, real-time updates, quality service centers, etc, but instead of getting it off a loan, you get to pay all at once and in-full.


A feature that aims to improve your knowledge about your car, driving, and vehicles generally. This we present to you in a fun and interesting way where you get to compete with other users on our platform. And yes! There are lots of prizes to be won


How would you like to have a feature that tells you if an issue is about to happen in your car even before it happens, and tells you how to prevent it or future occurrences? Yeah, say hello to Flickazoid - Africa's first data-driven automobile preventive maintenance monitor.

These and so many other features we intend to provide in 2023.

In other to achieve this, a lot of changes have been made to our user interface, i.e: Our app no longer looks like it used to be - not to worry, we made sure we retained all the good parts you loved and improved upon all the complaints and could-be-betters. One prominent feature you might also find interesting is the Quick Actions button located at the center of all our module's dashboards - this gives you access to the most used features on each module.

Another update to note is: on the auto-service-loan module, the service tracker feature has been brought more to the limelight, and made more prominent - you can now see the latest service tracker message for your latest running loan straight from the auto-service-loan dashboard... pretty cool isn't it?

These new updates are now available on both our android and IOS apps - feel free to download the app today for free and enjoy what Flickiverse has to offer... Be sure to share with us which feature you find most interesting - At the moment mine is the Flickplay.

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