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(A GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS IN CODING), For you as a beginner, I'm about to share some tips that I've learnt in this short time that I've been in web development. Th...


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As a graduate of university of Lagos, that studied political science, it was a hard thing for me to switch into the tech world, I had always heard of web development, software development, data science and the likes, but it wasn't something that I thought I would end up doing. Focusing on the front-end part of development, the journey has been immense.

From the happiness of learning HTML to the careful thoughts put into writing my CSS, and now I’m currently juggling through JavaScript. Never have I in my entire life had this feeling of fulfilment, purpose and happiness, that writing codes, and eventually running it to see that it works brings.

For you as a beginner, I'm about to share some tips that I've learnt in this short time that I've been in web development. The trick about writing codes, I have found over time is to continuously write codes, so as to have a lot of practice, do not relent, (could have taken this advice myself, but I didn't). You have to create projects, and not follow tutorials all the time. Of course tutorials are good, but over time you'll find out that everything you have done is according to the tutor, and you don't have the knowledge yourself. This could always bring about the feeling of unworthiness or unhappiness, and eventually, make you lose interest in writing codes all together.

To avoid this you have to create what you want, it could just be playing around with colors, adding padding and borders, creating forms, just simple things to help you learn.

Another thing you should know when starting out is not to bombard yourself with too many information. You see different languages online, different frameworks, different people teaching different things, and you're overwhelmed by it all. You have to pick a particular stack you want to follow, it’s better to be a king at one thing, than to wander around different things, and end up not knowing anything. Taking me as an example, because I'm trying to focus on front-end, I started with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and then I'll go on to learn a framework. its always good to set out a path for yourself, even though you might eventually change it later, just do it.

As a beginner , you should also focus on growth , that is, focus on how better you're getting everyday, the new things you've learnt, instead of focusing on how good you are or how many languages you know.

I hope these few tips will help you learn codes faster and better, and also boost your interest in programming as a whole.

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