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Jul 28, 2023

Flickwheel 2.0: An Improved Experience for Our Customers

We embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of the app, incorporating valuable user feedback. The result? An entirely reimagined experience that ensures smooth sail...


Product Manager



In recent times, the Flickwheel app has undergone significant transformations. What was once solely focused on our "autoloan" product has now expanded to include other exciting features like "flickify," "vincheck," and "flickplay."

However, despite these improvements, we noticed that customers were struggling to navigate the app effectively, leading to drop-offs and low user engagement.

Customers complaining of the Flickwheel app experience

To address this challenge, we embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of the app, incorporating valuable user feedback. The result? An entirely reimagined experience that ensures smooth sailing for every user.

Streamlined Onboarding:

Gone are the days of overwhelming onboarding processes. Previously, users faced a barrage of information on a single screen during sign-up. Now, we have evenly distributed the required information across multiple screens, making the process much simpler and enjoyable. Get ready for a seamless flow that keeps you engaged without feeling overwhelmed.

Discovering Hidden Gems:

We've unearthed all those incredible features that were buried within the app. From the moment you start onboarding, you can now effortlessly add your vehicle and access our wide range of car care services. Nothing will slip through the cracks this time, as we've ensured that all our offerings are readily available and easily accessible to enhance your experience.

Empowering Dashboard:

Prepare to be wowed by our revamped dashboard! It now serves as a hub for all our products, guiding you to take specific actions and explore even more. Within the dashboard, you can dive into the captivating world of automotive knowledge through our explore section, featuring the remarkable content curated by our very own content queen, Anita. Additionally, we've introduced the flickgames leaderboard, showcasing other knowledgeable users like yourself who are conquering the automobile trivia. We mean business when it comes to engaging and entertaining you.

The Power of Referrals:

Our referral program just got sweeter than ever! Tracking your referrals and boosting your earnings has never been this exciting. You can effortlessly monitor all the referrals who joined using your unique code within the referral section. Want to maximize your earnings? Encourage them to carry out various activities within the app. With N1000 per referral, envision the potential of earning N20k without breaking a sweat.

Transparent Notifications:

Say goodbye to hidden notifications! We've brought them to the forefront, now conveniently labeled as "activities." Here, you can effortlessly track and interact with all the important updates happening across the app. From reminders to repair updates and general notifications, we want to ensure you never miss a beat.

Seamless Autoloan Experience:

Our autoloan flow has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming a seamless and straightforward process. The topmost part of your dashboard now greets you with real-time updates on your loan status. We now require some essential documents to enhance security measures to ensure a smooth and trustworthy transaction. Rest assured, your journey toward obtaining an autoloan has never been easier.

Discover Reliable Auto-Technicians:

Exciting news! We have taken the initiative to vet credible and reliable auto-technicians for your convenience. The app offers a wide range of auto workshops complete with ratings, working hours, car specialties, and offered services. Spot our distinctive signboard in approximately one out of every ten auto workshops in Lagos, Nigeria, indicating the availability of our certified auto technicians. With their unique code, you can easily request their services. Once your car is serviced, don't forget to rate the auto workshop based on your satisfaction. We truly had you in mind when rethinking the app experience!


Words alone cannot capture the immense transformation of the Flickwheel app.

We invite you to experience it firsthand. Rush to and download the app to witness the seamless interface, convenient features, and engaging content.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, so once you've explored the app, please drop a review. We eagerly await your positive feedback as we continue to enhance the Flickwheel experience.

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