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Oct 26, 2022

3 extra sources of income for every uber and bolt driver can leverage on

You can maximize your car usage and income with any of these side hustles. Although some may be more lucrative than others, but remember that sometimes even sma...


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As we all know, times are hard right now, most people need ways to get extra income to support their current job. As an e-hailing driver, whether you work with Uber, Bolt, inDriver, or any of these e-hailing services, you can do more and make more money from driving around. Here are some tips that can give you ideas on other things you can be doing with your car as a side hustle.

Mobile Advertisement

As the name suggests, you can help other businesses and companies advertise their products or services. You can do this with non-permanent stickers that could be inside or outside your car, or signs that could be placed on the top of your vehicle, and you can specify the amount of time the contract expires.

Companies will definitely jump on this because it is quite cost-effective unlike paying for billboard or radio advertisement, and non-aggressive, stickers on cars can grab attention quickly without any significant distraction. And for you, putting a non-permanent sticker on your car can help with protecting it from scratches and bumps. You’ll be raking in cash while protecting your vehicle

This is definitely something to think about because you don't have to do anything extra, and you can focus on getting your passengers safely to their destinations while making money.

Car Sharing

On days that you don't feel like working, you could easily rent out your car to tourists, or maybe people in need of a car for a day, or a couple of days. Renting out your car is commonly called “car sharing”. Car sharing allows an individual to rent out their own cars to people needing it for a short period of time, as opposed to the commonly known car rental where they rent the car from a car renting company.

Car owners can list their vehicles on a car-sharing marketplace in order to rent their cars out to others. The car must meet certain qualifications in order to be approved to be listed and rented on the platform. The qualifications and requirements can vary by car renting service.

Courier Service

Lastly, another way you can make money is to run courier services There are some items that bike couriers will not be able to transport, due to the small size of their bike and the bike container, which leaves users no choice but to seek your service. when you deliver an item to a particular area, you can stay in that area and continue your e-hailing services, till you get another courier request

You can maximize your car usage and income with any of these side hustles. Although some may be more lucrative than others, but remember that sometimes even small amounts of extra cash can really help when you need it.

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